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Whether it is insurance for your building, business property, equipment, inventory or company vehicles, we offer products and services and insurance packages that are tailored to protect your business.

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Commercial Automobile Coverages

The liability coverage of the commercial auto policy provides protection against legal liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of any insured automobile. The insuring agreement agrees to pay damages for bodily injury or property damage for which the insured is legally responsible because of an automobile accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance, or use of a covered auto.  (Read more)

Commercial Crime Coverages

Employee dishonesty is considered to be a criminal act committed by an employee acting alone or in collusion with others. There must be intent by the employee to cause the employer a loss and to obtain a financial benefit for the employee or someone else.
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Commercial General Liability Coverages

The Commercial General Liability Policy provides the insurance protection needed to pay damages for bodily injury or property damages for which the insured is legally responsible.
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Commercial Inland Marine Coverages

Inland Marine Insurance provides coverage for goods in domestic transit, goods of bailee customers, moveable equipment, and unusual property. Property of certain dealers and instrumentalities of communication and transportation are also covered. In short, inland marine insurance provides coverage for loss exposures that cannot be conveniently or reasonably confined to a fixed location.   (Read more)

Commercial Property Coverages

Property Insurance is any type of insurance that indemnifies an insured party who suffers a financial loss because property has been damaged or destroyed.   (Read more)

Umbrella Liability Coverages

Umbrella liability insurance provides excess liability coverage over several of the insureds primary liability policies. Most umbrella liability policies provide coverage that is broader than the insured’s primary policies. An excess liability policy may be what is called a following form policy, which means it is subject to the same terms as the underlying policies; it may be a self-contained policy, which means it is subject to its own terms only; or it may be a combination of these two types of excess policies.   (Read more)