Individual Insurance Products

We are pleased to offer the following individual insurance products to our customers:


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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

As a member of the Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA) or an employee of a member, you are eligible to participate in this association member group plan. Through this plan, you will enjoy quality coverage at competitive group rates. This plan is a great solution for individuals or small groups that do not have access to group voluntary dental or to employees of large law firms that do not offer a quality dental insurance solution. To enroll in this plan, you must be a present member of the ISBA, or an employee of a present member. Dependent coverage is available to lawful spouses, domestic partners, and unmarried dependent children under age 25.

As a triple option plan, you may choose between the lowest cost Preventive PPO option, which is designed to provide limited coverage for basic dental care needs or the Network Select PPO option, which provides comprehensive coverage and is designed for members to receive care primarily from more than 100,000 provider access points for dental care through the Ameritas PPO network, and the Freedom Choice PPO option, with its 90th U&C allowance and higher "out-of-network" coinsurance levels, gives you the flexibility to visit any licensed dentist in the United States or save more through an Ameritas PPO network provider. 

Disability Insurance – Accident Only

Don't risk everything you've worked so hard for.

Supplement your existing coverage with Acccident Only Disability that does not integrate with your existing disability coverage. 

Think about all the bills you pay. And about how prices always go up. Don't find yourself saying, "I wish I had increased my coverage when I had the chance." 

As a valued member of the ISMA, you are eligible to enroll in this Accident Disability Benefit. Make sure you've done all you can to ensure you and your family will have the funds you need. 

Why this is a good idea:

  • According to the National Safety Council, over 2,000 accidents occur EVERY HOUR in America. (Source: National Safety Council Injury Facts TM, 2000 edition, p. 25.)
  • According to the Society of Actuaries, if your disability lasts more than 90 days, it's likely to average 2.5 years. (Source: Commissioner's Individual Disability Table A, Society of Actuaries, 1985.)
  • As an association member you get quality coverage for less.

Simply complete and return the enrollment form. Note there are NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS OR EXAMS REQUIRED.



The Disability Insurance program is only available to ISBA members. We have a special program that offers a high quality, price competitive product that helps you plan for the unexpected.

Whether you need to supplement current coverage or build a comprehensive disability program, we invite you to compare the ISBA plan advantages to any other plan.

Plan features and highlights include:

  • Own Occupation Definitions
  • Liberal Partial Disability benefits payable after a 20% income loss
  • No offsets with other Insurance Plans or Social Security
  • Low Step Rate premiums
  • Renewal and plan provisions Guaranteed to age 70



Are you aware that you can save up to 30 percent on your homeowner and automobile coverage through your membership and the ISBAInsurance Agency?

Many members have changed to our plan because of the savings and ease of making the change. We know the last thing anyone wants to do is dig out his or her current policies and shop around, so we make it as easy as possible for you.

Simply contact Trish Hoff at 317-587-1191.

You may also use the QuickSend form below to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Trish will be more than happy to contact you.


10-Year Level Term Life Insurance

The ISBA Insurance Agency offers 10-Year Level Term Life Insurance to ISBA members and their spouses who are under age 65. This plan provides a convenient, economical way to help give your family the insurance protection you want them to have, at competitive group rates. As a member, you may apply for a benefit of $100,000 up to $2,000,000. Your spouse may apply for up to $1,000,000, and may apply even if you don’t. 

Your individual premium is scheduled to remain level for the initial 10-year term of the plan, and will not increase during the initial term due to your age or health status. The insurance company does reserve the right to change premium rates, but may do so only once in a 12-month period for all insureds covered under the group policy and with 60 days written notice to the group policyholder. After the initial 10-year period, you have the option of applying for a new level premium term life plan by providing satisfactory evidence of insurability at least three months prior to the end of the initial premium period if you are under age 65. 

If you’ve been covered under this plan for at least 180 consecutive days, are under age 70, and you are diagnosed with a terminal illness (life expectancy of six months or less) from which you are not expected to recover, you may receive up to 60 percent of your benefit amount, with a minimum benefit of $10,000, less the discount for early payment (amount may vary by state). 

No medical exam is typically required for amounts up to $200,000*. 

*Issuance of a Certificate of Insurance or payment of benefits may depend upon the answers given in the application and the truthfulness of those answers.

Long Term Care

The ISBA Insurance Agency's Long Term Care Insurance expert is Steven Woods at LTC Solutions, 317-697-4309. 

Research Shows that 70% of individuals will need in-home care during their lives. The average cost for nursing home care in Indiana is approximately $66,000/year. It is essential to educate yourself on long term care insurance while you're still healthy to qualify for coverage (premiums are based on age at time of purchase). The younger you are, the less expensive the premium! Don't wait to contact Steven Woods at LTC Solutions at (317) 697-4309 to discuss the ISBA-endorsed long term care insurance program. LTC Solutions will help you protect yourself from the devastating costs of long term care in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (also known as Medicare Part D) are a new benefit provided by Medicare (since Jan. 1, 2006) and administered through private insurance companies. Similar to traditional Medicare, enrollment must occur within a certain timeframe or an individual is penalized for enrolling late (by having to pay a higher premium).

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans vary. As a result, it is important to compare them as they relate to your prescription medicine usage. The ISMA Insurance Agency can assist you.


Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement insurance is also known as "Medigap" insurance because it provides coverage for the "gaps" in Medicare. These "gaps" consist of a hospital deductible, co-insurance for doctor office visits, etc. Medicare Supplement insurance is standardized and there are 12 plans available called plans "A through L." For example: A Plan G from one company will have identical benefits to a Plan G from all other companies.

Most important for you to know, is that for the first six months from when your Medicare Part B takes effect, there is an "open enrollment" window. During this time, you can purchase any Medicare Supplement plan you want without health underwriting. If you wait to purchase Medicare Supplement insurance until after this window, you may have to answer health questions on the application and the insurance company may have the right to decline your application. So, timing is important.

The ISBA Insurance Agency has a Medicare Supplement insurance and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan specialist. She is available to assist you in selecting the plans that best fit your needs.


Trip Insurance

Select the trip insurance product that is right for you.

ISBA Insurance Agency has a product to meet your needs. By utilizing our instant Quote, we can quickly direct you to the plan(s) that will best meet the needs of you, your family or your organization.

Contact Todd McLaughlin at 877-647-2242 or

Protect your tickets, your luggage, and your health, worldwide

  • trip cancellation
  • interruption / delay
  • emergency medical & dental
  • medical transportation
  • lost or stolen baggage
  • missed connection



Travel Insurance - Trip Cancellation & Interruption Coverage

  • optional cancel for any reason
  • emergency evacuation
  • missed connection
  • baggage delay
  • trip delay
  • virtual ID cards | 24 hour assistance



Medical insurance that protects you outside your home country

  • emergency medical evacuation
  • felonius assault
  • terrorism
  • wavier of pre-existing conditions
  • virtual ID cards | 24 hour assistance




Medical coverage for the traveling student

  • emergency
  • medical evacuation
  • repatriation
  • wavier of pre-existing conditions
  • virtual ID cards | 24 hour assistance




Medical benefits for non-u.s. citizens visiting the U.S.

  • emergency
  • medical evacuation repatriation
  • accidental death & dismemberment (AD & D)
  • virtual ID cards | 24 hour assistance





Injury & sickness medical benefits for visitors and immigrants

  • emergency
  • medical evacuation repatriation
  • accidental death & dismemberment (AD & D)
  • virtual ID cards | 24 hour assistance




Up to 12 months of coverage for emergencies requiring:

  • evacuation
  • repatration trip interruption
  • return of mild children to home country
  • political evacuation| up to $1,000,000 in AD&D




Worldwide coverage that covers you no matter where you live

  • comprehensive worldwide coverage
  • choice of deductible
  • up to $5,000,000 in lifetime benefits
  • individuals / family
  • * complete underwriting required




Travel medical insurance for U.S. seniors traveling abroad

  • emergency evacuations
  • politcal evacuation terrorism
  • discounted premiums for dependent children & grandchildren
  • virtual ID cards | 24 hour assistance




Most individual products can be purchased online with access to immediate virtual ID cards and proof of insurance.


Umbrella Liability

If you were sued for $1,000,000 as a result of an accident, would your present insurance pay for all the damages?

You can not always prevent accidents. But you can take steps to protect your family's security with a Personal Umbrella policy.

A Personal Umbrella Policy offers you $1,000,000 worldwide coverage over and above the amount of your present liability insurance (higher limits are available). The Personal Umbrella Policy picks up where your auto and homeowners insurance policies leave off. In addition, a Personal Umbrella Policy provides coverage for any legal expense if you are sued for a covered accident.

The cost of a Personal Umbrella Policy is small usually less than 50 cents a day, contact us for more information.


Vision Insurance

Like the PPO Dental options, this benefit is available at group rates for members of the ISBA and employees of active members. With this plan, you have the right to receive care from any vision care provider in the United States. However, your out-of-pocket costs will almost always be lower if you choose a provider from VSP nationwide network.